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Words for a Season

Hand-Lettered Temporary Tattoo

Hand-Lettered Temporary Tattoo

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Words for a Season offers a beautiful way to wear a meaningful word without the commitment of a permanent tattoo.

Our temporary tattoos can last up to three days. For best results, place tattoo on smooth skin and stay clear of rubbing the area. 

Words for a Season temp tattoos go on the same as traditional temp tattoos (remember those character ones as kids?!). 

Remove plastic, flip the tattoo over onto skin, apply damp paper towel to the backing. Allow to be fully soaked for about ten seconds until the word has transferred over to the skin.


"Words for a Season is more than simply a temporary tattoos (although they are so much fun). I pray my temporary tattoos serve as visual encouragement for you throughout the many seasons of life. My heart is that you feel loved, valued, and inspired!" -Abi Gallagher: Founder of Words for a Season


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